We are Dish Premier Local Retailer

Which simply means we are one of the Top Dealers for Dish. We have been a Dish Dealer since 2006. We know the business and the technology as well as or better than anyone. This page is specifically geared toward your RV.

The RV Equipment



The King Tailgater PRO is a very powerful automatic antenna. It can aim at both the Eastern (61.5) and Western (110, 119, and 129) satellites. This antenna can also work 2 Wally's. Retail Price is $349.

The Wally is an HD Receiver with a very impressive guide. You can add a hard drive to make this box a DVR. If you have internet you can even use the included Voice Remote! Retails for $99


The Winegard Playmaker is the lowest cost automatic antenna in the industry at just $249. This is a very portable and reliable antenna which can run 1 Wally. 


The Winegard Trav'Ler 1000 is the full automatic antenna. This powerful antenna works with the HOPPER Receivers and is ideal for multiple tv's. While it is a permanently mounted device, it is easy to carry and stow away when moving. This top of the line antenna retails for $1,599.

Why is Dish the best for RVers?

1. The Low Cost Portable Antennas

       Both the Winegard Playmaker and King Tailgater receive HD signals for under $400

2. The ability to change service address

       On the MyDish App you can update your service address allowing you to  get local

       channels based on where you are currently.

3. Option to customize equipment

       With Dish you can add multiple receivers for more tv's and even add DVR. With the

       Winegard Trav'ler automatic Dish you can even get the HOPPER!

4. Low Equipment cost

       You have the option to do a 2 year contract which allows you to subsidize all the 

       equipment costs. 


       Unlike Dish's competitor they offer a no contract month to month option.

Current Dish Customers

If you already have Dish at home all you have to do is purchase an antenna and a Wally, add $7/month to your bill and you are ready to get Dish in your RV!

New Dish Customers

2 Year Contract

No Contract

If you do a two year contract you can get your Wally FREE and $150 OFF any Antenna. On top of that you save up $30/month for the 2 years.  Which means you can be all set with Wally/Playmaker for only $99!

Month to Month you simply pick your Programming package, purchase your Wally and Antenna. That's it!

Programming Packages

Prices reflected here only include 1 TV, additional tvs cost extra. No Contract pays "Everyday Price"

To see what channels are in which package


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